How does religion help us to get over the loss?


I received a very disturbing call last week. A good friend told me in an almost hysterical uproar that her husband had died of a heart attack a few hours ago. I heard the immense inner pain in her voice.

I did my best to express her sympathy and condolences, at least to soothe her torment. In the last few days I thought about it a lot and especially one sentence from my girlfriend was very interesting for me:

“How can God allow such a thing?

The grief that you feel when you lose a loved one is so great that it cannot be expressed in words. You lose yourself in these situations, you are no longer sure whether you are in reality or in a dream. Everything around you melts into unreality.

skyThen comes the anger, as I heard in the voice of my girlfriend. How can one in such a situation be understood how God can allow such a thing? God could have just let the person live on, why did he take the human?

In such cases of absolute sadness and shock, it is only natural that one feels anger in oneself. And if our faith is not strong enough, that anger can turn against God Himself. You want to yell at the sky and shout: Why did you have to do that? Man, in his limitedness, is incapable of understanding the intentions and thoughts of God.

After the breakdown in mourning, which may quietly last for some time, man becomes more and more involved in understanding. This is a natural process. And since we humans are not perfect, so too can the belief in God waver.

But how can we hold on to our faith in such situations?

How do we manage to look forward and climb out through the valleys of life through God’s help?

It is important that we accept the situation first. Death has come, and the beloved person will not come back. This takes time but is a necessary process. Because after we have accepted that the situation is as it is, then we can devote ourselves to understanding. And then comes insight. It will inevitably come because this is the only way we can live to our best selves and in harmony with our faith.

God subordinates us to trials every day, for without them faith breaks down. And the most difficult situations in a person’s life are the most important tests. Faith has power only when it is strong and when it comes from the heart. He must be filled with emotions so that God sees us and that we are worthy of being seen by him. Because it is not a one-sided promise. Faith is the strongest force that allows us to overcome the problems of everyday life. In God, we have a constant companion and protector, and although sometimes we cannot understand him, one should always remember the following: In our limited thinking, we cannot demand that we understand the actions of God. But we can ask God for help, and insight will come.