How important is religion in modern society?


In every society worldwide and in all conceivable corners of the world, religion is still an ingredient that can neither be denied nor detached from the social and cultural worlds.

Religion and man are closely linked and form a network that has not only provided hope throughout history, but has also caused many wars. Even today, violence is still being used in the name of religion, which is unfortunately increasingly being expressed in the form of terrorism.

But terrorism in the name of faith is not the only negative form religion is reflected in today’s human consciousness. For decades, many faiths have been plagued by countless scandals that have massively damaged the public image of religions in general.

So it is quite understandable that in recent years, an intensive dialogue has been formed in terms of religion and their importance in modern society.

Religion nowadays

Religion in today’s society is characterized by the fact that it does not have a consistent profile. This leads to a high degree of fragmentation of the different faiths and makes it difficult for people to actually identify with a religion. Here one can literally speak of a religious power struggle of the individual faiths.

It should also be noted that today’s society increasingly views religion as a personal and private matter. This is also expressed in legal terms, considering the fact that, for example, the religion of a human being may play no role in the recruitment of a new body. The side effect of this viewpoint is the fact that parishes have less ties between local churches and members, in contrast to past dynamics between churches and believers.

New practises

Furthermore, to recognize that religions are increasingly expressed in new forms today. There are now countless faith communities that use different components of different religions and based on their own dogma. The growing membership of these “new” religions clearly shows that the “patchwork” religions are becoming increasingly important in modern society.

religionHowever, religion still plays a role in the economy and politics. In many countries, the religious part of the culture is not excluded from the political and economic world. For example, the Pope has a great influence on political leaders, and the Church’s mind must still be considered in many decisions concerning the social conditions of a country.

Although the number of churches and religious houses of all kinds is falling on average, a new religiosity has formed due to the negative influence of terrorism, but this must be viewed with caution and can also lead to racism. This is particularly evident when you look at developments in the United States. The decision by current President Donald Trump not to allow more Muslim immigrants and to completely block visas for certain Islamic states has triggered a new debate on the status of religion today.