Best Spiritual and Religious Books to Read in 2018

So here we are. Year 2018. And many of us will have taken one or two good New Year resolutions. There may also be things like this: I’ll read more this year! This year I will be more concerned with the topic God and Co.! Or you read a lot anyway and now just looking for a source, with good tips around the topics of religion and spirituality.

No matter what circumstance has moved them to read these lines. Here you will find the matching books!

Conversations with God Volume 1-3, Home in God | Neale Donald Walsch

A whole series of books is the start of our list. Here you can basically find everything to ask for the right question. Why am I in this world? Who is God? Why is this happening to me? Each volume deals with another topic. From the individual to the universe. Very exciting!

The World of Mysticism | Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy


The name says it all. This book is primarily about mystics of all kinds. Less settled at the level of religion, this book is particularly suitable for readers who seek their spiritual path.

Autobiography of a Yogi | Paramahansa Yogananda

What is a yogi and how did he become one? Paramahansa Yogananda (1893-1952), an Indian yogi, tells about his own life and how he managed to reach the deepest point of his soul for many years. For people with a meditative background a real recommendation!

Spirituality | Peter Lauster

To strengthen your self-confidence, Peter Lauster’s Spirituality is not least a question of your own self-confidence. For only those who have a decent portion of it, may also be able to look beyond their own ego.

The Healing Code | Alex Loyd & Ben Johnson

Medicine Is Not Everything? You might be right. This book is the key to coping with all kinds. How do you break down deep-seated traumas and come back stronger from them? A question of the inner perspective and the right techniques. The latter can be found in this work.

The Bible

How can we compile a list of the best religious books and do not include the Bible? It is full of parables that are still in existence and may even be more relevant today than ever before. Therefore, this year might well be suitable for reading this once. If not already done.

The power of the present | Eckhardt Tolle

Now! Risen to the highest satisfaction and yet remained so warm. He does not point with his finger to those who are still chasing after the wrong things, but in a loving and empathetic way he writes about his experiences. On one level, without being lifted off.

Feed the white wolf: wisdom stories that make you happy

A question about the meaning in life. Or rather the way every one of us would like to go. Should it be the bright side that surrounds you, or a dark one outweighing hatred and mistrust? Everyone has a choice.